The MN Cyber Academy in St. Paul Minnesota, provides candidates with the skills, knowledge and credentials required to successfully begin or advance a career in the fields of Information Technology and Cybersecurity. This program was designed by Metropolitan State University, Minnesota IT Center of Excellence in collaboration with senior executives and technical staff from the Department of Defense, leading Government Contractors, and Fortune 500 companies.

There is a severe shortage of IT and cybersecurity professionals with the skills, certifications, and problem solving abilities necessary to meet Minnesota’s cybersecurity needs as well as the nation's Cyber Defense challenge. This shortage is expected to persist for years, and represents a tremendous career opportunity for motivated individuals with the right skills and certifications.

Here are the top qualifications sought by every organization, large or small:

  • Demonstrable technical skills in Systems Administration, Computer Networking, Cybersecurity, and SOC Analyst.
  • Strong security analysis and investigation skills
  • DoD approved 8570 baseline certifications in system, networking, or cybersecurity
  • Strong problem solving abilities, analytical, and communication skills
  • A team player with a high level of professionalism and willingness to work hard


MN Cyber Academy programs prepare students for employment with government agencies, government contractors and commercial enterprises in the Midwest region. MN Cyber Academy programs are in response to industry’s need for qualified employees with the right certifications and problem solving skills to be effective in system support, computer network operations (CNO) and computer network defense (CND). While Cyber is the primary focus, this program provides excellent preparation for work in any commercial or civilian IT organization.